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  • FKM
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  • Water Based
  • Excellent Flow Properties
  • Multiple Release Cycles per Application
  • No Transfer
  • Semi-permanent
  • Water-based

MAC 968 - Nanoparticle Release Coating


MAC-968 is a colloidal dispersion of finely divided PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles in water. It forms a durable film that dries clear and colorless on the mold. This product has proven an to be an excellent release for all rubber and plastic molded parts.

Technical Data:

  • Color and appearance - Translucent, off-white colloidal dispersion
  • Dispersing medium - Water
  • Specific gravity - 1.01
  • Weight per gallon (lbs.) - 8.4

Application Method:

    Apply the product as received to a clean, dry mold. It may be necessary to use a solvent-based cleaner to remove prior release coatings, waxes or oils before application. Spray a thin, even film over the entire surface and allow to dry. To assure complete coverage, apply a second coating. Rate of reapplication will vary by process and material; one coat will be sufficient for reapplication.

Safety and Handling:

    Review the Safety Data Sheet prior to use. Avoid freezing the product; use mechanical agitation to mix the product if it has frozen. The active ingredients in MAC-968 are non-toxic but temperatures above 500ºF may create harmful fumes. Smoking should not be permitted while using the product and contamination of tobacco products should be avoided. Safety glasses and gloves are recommended when using this product.


1-gallon, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum


For expert technical assistance in selecting the optimum product to meet your specific requirements and to be convinced of the benefits of McLube lubricant coatings, we recommend you evaluate the appropriate product under your specific conditions. Samples and technical assistance are available, as well as custom formulations that suggest themselves for a specific application.