About Our Company

A Commitment to our Employees and Customers


Respectful, responsive, efficient, innovative; McLube strives to empower its employees and customers so they may help shape the future. Our goal is their solution.

McGee Industries, Inc., more commonly referred to by our brand name, McLube, has offered high-performance release agents, anti-tack coatings and lubricants since 1954. McGee Industries is comprised of the McLube USA, McLube Asia, and McLube Marine divisions that work in tandem to provide solutions to manufacturers around the world. We supply our trusted formulations to customers in North and South America, Europe and Japan from our Corporate Headquarters outside Philadelphia, USA. McLube Asia Pvt. Ltd. supplies McLube and MA products to the Asian Pacific Region, Africa, The Middle East and Eastern Europe from its state-of-the-art facilities in Asia. McLube Asia is a joint-venture established in 2000 with facilities in Mumbai and Nashik, Maharashtra, India and Shenzhen, China. Our McLube Marine Division supplies high-performance dry-film lubricants and eco-friendly polishes to boating enthusiasts, professional sailors, and Olympians around the world. McGee Industries believes in tailor-made formulations to achieve superior results and strives to be the industry leader in employee and customer satisfaction.


Zell McGee founds McGee Industries, Inc.

'50s - '70s

McGee offers Molybdenum disulfide products


Edward L. McClatchy appointed President


McLube Starts developing PTFE products


Move to current headquarters outside Philadelphia, Pa

Late 1970's

McLube breaks into the European Market


Edward L. McClatchy Jr. appointed President


McGee enters the Nautical Supply Industry with Sailkote


McLube expands R & D / starts developing heat-cure coatings and Nanotech products


McLube Marine partners with Harken® Sailboat Hardware


McLube Asia Pvt. Ltd. founded with offices in Mumbai and manufacturing in Nashik, India


McGee Industries receives first ISO certification


McGee Industries establishes dedicated European office and distribution


McLube Asia opens offices Shenzhen, China


Current ISO Certification

McLube Products & Support

Zell McGee, founder of McGee Industries, understood that excellent products are not everything and designed our business model around extraordinary people rather than our quality products. Those extraordinary people were his employees and customers, and they created the products that shape our world today.


Six decades later, we continue to focus on the customer. We strive to be the most responsive, efficient supplier of release agents and lubricants to customers around the world, large or small. Our technical representatives have the industry-specific knowledge and experience necessary to not only select the appropriate product, but also provide invaluable process, preparation, and application assistance. We do not just want to send you a product. We will do our due diligence, analyze your unique concerns, and come up with ways for you to cut costs, save time, and reduce waste.


Our products are never generalized. We engineer formulas for specific materials, specific processes, under specific conditions. If our current products do not meet your needs, we will promptly engineer a new formulation catered to your unique specifications.

Industries Served

Automotive, Marine and Sailing, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Metalwork, Energy, Defense, Rubber, Tire, Transportation, Construction, Government, Military and Civilian Defense, Civil Engineering, Engineered Wood, Asphalt, Engineered stone, Medical, Oil and Gas, Communication, Heavy Equipment, Sporting Goods, Agriculture, Food Processing, and Waste Removal.


Manufacturers around the world count on McLube for discrete technical assistance and reliable formulations. We value our customer’s privacy and take extreme measures to protect any and all information shared with our team, proprietary or otherwise.