Custom Formulations

Customized Formulations for Superior Results


McLube Formulation Chemists and Technical Representatives keep themselves appraised of industry breakthroughs, regulatory changes, and trends to continually create products that satisfy ever-evolving demands. We offer over 200 effective products and have anywhere from 10-15 new formulations under development at a given time.


McLube’s philosophy is simple: if you want superior results, use the right product. We offer release agents, lubricants, and anti-tacks that are all catered to a specific material, process, and application method. Our team does not believe in a “close enough” mentality. If all your demands are not met by an existing product, we may offer to develop a McLube Custom Formulation catered to your unique requirements.

No Additional Cost

We will team a Formulation Chemist with your Technical Representative and they will work with you to ensure the new formula meets your requirements. In most cases, our team will be able to modify an existing formulation to meet your demands. It will take our team not longer than two weeks to sample a custom formulation for customer testing.

Customized Products for Defense Applications



McGee Industries provides high-performance release agents and lubrication technology to multiple branches of the Unites States Military as well as its allies. McLube has more than 60 years of experience in developing products based on solid lubricant technologies to address challenges of existing and newly developed weapon systems and other military applications. Our formulation chemists continually participate in SBIR projects with the same diligence and vigor applied to civilian projects. Appropriate authorities may contact McLube directly for assistance with military and defense projects and custom formulations. Explore below for more information.

An essential part of the military’s logistical supply chain is the National/NATO Stock Number system (NSN). NSNs are used to manage and identify all supply items. They also help to standardize the military requirements for testing and evaluation of supply items.  All product characteristics and performance data must be identified in the cataloging process used to assign new NSNs. McLube currently offers eight products with NSN numbers.

  • Molybdenum disulfide powder (1)
  • Ordinance grease for extreme pressures (1)
  • Several unique parting compounds (2)
  • Multiple dry lubricants (4)

Appropriate authorities may contact McLube for more information about our NSN-assigned products.

  • 9150 Oils and Greases
  • 6850 Miscellaneous Chemical
  • 6810 Chemicals
  • Lo68 Technical Representative for chemicals and chemical products
  • 9160 miscellaneous wax, oils, fats
  • 8030 preservative and sealing compounds

McLube recently completed a US Navy test program to develop new technology corrosion preventive coatings. In addition to laboratory screening studies, test protocols were developed to simulate the shipboard environment as closely as possible. Test conditions included exposure to heat, chemicals, and seawater in a marine atmosphere. Metal substrates and sample configurations were specific to the weapon system under development. Additional parameters for resistance to abrasion, impact, vibration, or other performance specifications were also tested.

  • Naval Waste Management, Anti-stick
  • Small-caliber Ammunition Production Aid
  • Weapons System Development
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Aids
  • Anti-corrosion Coatings
  • General Lubrication Applications

Appropriate authorities may contact McLube directly for more information about defense applications and research.