Why McLube?


McLube Formulation Chemists and Technical Representatives keep themselves appraised of industry breakthroughs, regulatory changes, and trends so McLube can continually update and create products that satisfy ever-evolving demands. We offer over 200 effective products and have anywhere from fifteen to twenty new formulations under development at a given time.


McLube’s philosophy is simple: if you want superior results, use the right product. We offer release agents, lubricants, and anti-tacks that are all catered to a specific material, process, and application method. Our team does not believe in a “close enough” mentality. If all your demands are not met by an existing product, we will offer to develop a McLube Custom Formulation catered to your unique requirements.

No Additional Cost

At no additional cost, we will team a Formulation Chemist with your Technical Representative and they will work with you to ensure the new formula meets your requirements. In most cases, our team will be able to modify an existing formulation to meet your demands. McLube is proud to say we can do this faster than anyone. It will take our team not longer than one week to sample a custom formulation for customer testing.

How It Works

Development will begin once our team has a thorough understanding of the following:


  • The Issue
  • Budget
  • Process
  • Materials
  • Environmental Concerns

  • Plant Safety Standards
  • Desired Application Method
  • Available Equipment
  • Additional Industry Specific/Product Information