Select from the product categories below to find your McLube Solution

Release Agents

McLube offers cost-effective release coatings tailor-made for natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics, polyurethanes, and composite materials.

Anti-stick Processing Aids

McLube offers anti-tack and anti-stick coatings for natural and synthetic rubber processing, wire and cable stripping, and numerous specialty applications.

Tire Manufacturing Products

McGee Industries offers consummate release systems for new tire production as well as reliable products for tire retreading operations.   

Hose Manufacturing Aids

McLube offers tailor-made lubricants for bent, rigid, and flexible mandrels as well as pan-cure anti-stick coatings and products for cure wrapping tape release.

Lubricants, Grease & Powders

McLube offers superior dry-film lubricants, durable greases, oils, pastes, and powdered lubricants for general use and specific industrial applications.

Assembly Lubricants

McLube offers operator-friendly lubricants and insertion aids that help prevent repetitive stress injuries, limit required assembly force, and reduce assemblage time.


McLube offers a full line of effective solvent and water-based cleaners for easy removal of dirt, grime, and residues from metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Sailing and Boating Products

Team McLube and Harken® provide dry-film lubricants, environmentally-friendly hull coatings, and ball-bearing conditioners to professional sailors and boating enthusiasts around the world.