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McLube offers a consummate line of water-based anti-tack coatings for easy stripping of elastomeric and polymeric jacketing. Our products for wire and cable manufacturing are a cleaner, safer alternative to more traditional powdered coatings like mica, talc, and zinc stearates. McLube anti-tack coatings are clean, colorless, non-foaming dispersions formulated for uniform slip characteristics that facilitate jacket stripping by the end user. McLube anti-tack agents are easily diluted in-house or delivered ready-to-use. Continue reading for more information or contact McLube for process assistance and free samples.

Benefits of McLube

for Wire and Cable

Improved wetting of wires and cables

Fewer health and safety concerns than mica or talc

Effective for all metallic and nonmetallic sheathing

Fast-drying, colorless, and non-oily

Improved jacket stripping during usage

Coating temperature tolerances of 32°F - 600°F

Protects internal wires from corrosion

No interference with electromagnetic properties

Environmentally conscious and operator-friendly

Why replace powdered coatings with McLube? 

Cleanliness and Machinery 

Many wire and cable extruders apply powdered anti-tack coatings like mica, talc, and zinc stearate to their inner cores to facilitate stripping by the end user. While inexpensive, powders can cause endless housekeeping problems that can be eliminated with the use of McLube’s liquid anti-tack solutions. Migrating powders are also associated with marked increases in machinery fouling and maintenance costs.


Health and Safety 

Switching to a McLube liquid anti-tack will eliminate the health risks to operators associated with inhalation of powdered coatings like mica and talc. McLube offers water-based, VOC-free anti-tack emulsions that are essentially non-toxic and easier to work with than traditional powdered coatings. See below for more information about the health risks of various powdered coatings.



Appearance and Performance

Powdered anti-tack coatings, even those dispersed in water, lead to poorer wire and cable appearance. Powders ultimately clump up on wires and cables and diminish the color quality of your products.  Powdered coatings also lack the benefits of the proprietary surfactants found in McLube anti-sticking agents. McLube surfactant additives ensure adequate coverage (wetting) of the core for uniform anti-stick properties that promote easy, uniform stripping for the end user. Switch to McLube’s non-staining anti-stick technology and enjoy the improved appearance and performance of your wires and cables.



While undoubtedly inexpensive, powdered anti-stick coatings will inevitably lead to increased cost associated with housekeeping, machinery maintenance,  and time wasted cleaning up after migrating powders.  McLube anti-tack coatings for extruded wire and cable will minimize operating costs as well as lead to better part appearance and a safer working environment for your employees.

Tailored products for a variety of wire types  

Coaxial, direct-buried, flexible, filled, heliax, non-metallic sheathed, metallic sheathed, multicore, paired, twinax, twin-lead, twisted, ribbon, shielded, paired, and others.


US, South and Central America: 1G, 5G, 55G, 275G


Europe and Asia: 5L, 20L Pail, 200L Drum, 220L Drum

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