Anti-tack for Extruded Wire and Cable

Anti-Tack For Extruded Wire and Cable

Industry Overview

Wire refers to a single strand of metal formed into a thin, flexible thread or rod jacketed with an elastomer or polymer casing. Cables are multiple wires, insulated or bare, bundled inside a protective sheath.


The term cable originally referred to multiple ropes bound together to make strong, durable lines to support heavy loads. The term cable was adopted by the electrical industry in the 19th century when internal ropes were replaced by conductive metal wires. The protective coatings of electrical cables were made of cloth or paper before rubber and eventually plastics became the preferred coatings for their excellent durability and insulating properties.


Modern wire and cable is made by extrusion which generally requires an anti-tacking process aid. During extrusion, the core material, usually a conductive wire, is forced through a die which is responsible for evenly forming the jacket around the core. Anti-tack coatings are typically applied to the core material by dip-bath, drip or spraying prior to entering the die. Anti-tack coatings allow the end-user to strip the jacket from the inner core for splicing and installation.


McLube anti-tacking agents are non-dusting alternatives to traditional powdered coatings applied during or prior to extrusion. Our wire and cable coatings will provide excellent slip characteristics for easy stripping with little effect to color or appearance. Non-dusting coatings will not migrate around your facility and generally present fewer health concerns than powdered coatings. Continue reading for more information about McLube Anti-tack Coatings for Wire and Cable or contact us for process assistance and free samples.

Benefits for Wire & Cable Manufacturers

Fast-drying, colorless, and non-oily

Coating temperature tolerances of 32°F - 600°F

Protects internal wires from corrosion

Tailor-made for improved wetting of wire or cable and lower rejection rates

Dust-free, cleaner than powdered solutions to reduce cleaning

Will not interfere with electromagnetic properties of the wire

Improved jacket stripping during usage

Reduced rejection rates

Environmentally conscious and operator-friendly

Effective with metallic or polyurethane sheathing

  • Dilutable, water-based
  • Fast-drying, solvent-based
  • VOC-free options
  • Non-settling or non-foaming available
  • Low-sediment for recirculating baths

  • flow-coating
  • recirculating bath
  • brushing
  • wiping
  • dipping

All elastomer and polymer jacketing

Coaxial, direct-buried, flexible, filled, heliax, non-metallic sheathed, metallic sheathed, multicore, paired, twinax, twin-lead, twisted, ribbon, shielded, paired, and others.

Direct extrusion and indirect extrusion

1G, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, and 275-gallon tote

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