Assembly Lubricants

Assembly Lubricants

Industry Overview

McLube has perfected Assembly Lubricants over the last sixty years to offer unparalleled slip characteristics for safer, faster insertion and removal of parts. Our products are tailor-made to specific material and process specifications with varying attributes to suit individual needs. We believe that cost-savings and superior results do not come from supplying generalized products to our customers. We are committed to customer and end-user satisfaction and our technical representatives will work with you to select the appropriate process aid for your assembly operation.


Poor or inappropriate process aids can lead to unsafe working conditions, injuries related to cumulative trauma, slower production, and damage to parts. McLube endeavors to supply tailor-made assembly lubricants that reduce or eliminate these risks in a timely, cost-effective manner. Explore below to learn more about McLube Lubrication Technology or contact us for immediate technical assistance with your assembly operation.

Benefits of McLube Assembly Lubricants


McLube offers water-based lubricants that contain varying proprietary blends of film-forming organic resin to suit individual needs. Our products are continually perfected to create the lowest possible coefficient of friction between the part and end-user product. McLube Lubricants meet OEM performance specs for engine assembly lubricants and will meet most environmental impact goals. McLube also offers solvent-based assembly lubricants that dry instantly, forming an even film with excellent slip characteristics.


McLube Assembly Lubricants will dry completely within 5-10 minutes of proper application.

Injury Prevention

Trauma due to repetitive, forceful actions is believed to cause stress injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS). McLube Lubricants will significantly reduce the force required to insert or remove your parts and will contribute to a reduction in work-place related injuries associated with repetitive trauma and assembly mishaps.

Chemically Inert

McLube Lubricants will not chemically alter your parts or harm process equipment.

Product Improvement

Easy assembly/insertion will reduce rejection rates, damage to parts, improper alignment, and poor functionality.

McLube Protection

McLube Lubricants are exceptionally durable and will help to protect rubber, plastic, and composite parts from physical abrasion, environmental degradation, and harmful compounds. We also offer products with proprietary rust-inhibiting additives for enhanced protection of metallic tools and parts.

Environmentally Conscious & Operator Friendly

McLube’s water-based lubricants do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or substances at their given concentration that cause harm when used properly. Our water-based lubricants will not give off a foul odor or migrate to cause factory complications.

  • Non-oily
  • Non-dripping
  • Reduced buildup
  • Non-staining
  • Non-blooming

While lubricants aid insertion and removal of parts, slip characteristics post-production can cause rolling, disconnects, part deformation, product rejection, and serious injury. McLube offers temporary lubricants that are harmlessly absorbed into the part post-assembly. Our products will not cause gaskets, O-rings or other parts to bloom after absorption and will not degrade rubber materials.

McLube offers assembly lubricants with enhanced slip characteristics for particularly difficult insertion or extraction operations. These lubricants are also ideal for parts that will be stored for a period of time before use and need long-lasting slip characteristics.

Manufacturers around the world apply our McLube Assembly Lubricants to…


O-rings, gaskets, hoses, wire jacketing, bearings, seals, plugs, window seals, mechanical seals, door seals, weather stripping, mounts, insulators and sleeves, and automated assembly equipment.

Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Industrial Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery, Wire and Cable, Hose and Tube, Consumer Appliances, Construction, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Mining, and Food Packaging and Processing

1-G, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote, Aerosol (6oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz)

Contact us for information about a specific McLube Assembly Lubricant, pricing, and safety data sheets.