Optimize with McLube Cleaning Products



Selecting the appropriate cleaner for your operation will help reduce the frequency and duration of cleaning steps and ultimately improve finished product quality. McLube offers material-specific cleaners as well as a general-purpose cleaner suitable for metallic and some non-metallic surfaces.


To ensure adequate wetting and bonding of release coatings to molds, mandrels, and other equipment, manufacturers must first adequately remove prior release coatings, residual materials, and grime from tooling surfaces. Applying release agents or anti-stick coatings to fouled tooling can lead to poor surface finish, higher rejection rates, and more downtime spent cleaning. McLube’s tailor-made cleaners will make removing even the most tenacious materials easier to ensure your operations run smoothly.


Each McLube Cleaner was designed for easy removal of a particular material or materials with varying attributes to suit individual needs. All of our cleaners will remove dirt, grime, rust, and fouling particles. Explore below for more information or contact us for assistance with selecting the appropriate McLube Cleaner for your application.


General-purpose Solvent Cleaner

Solvent-based solution designed to remove rust, dirt, and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces. This cleaner was originally designed to remove rubber and plastic residues from tooling but became a popular general-purpose cleaner for industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications.

McLube General-purpose Cleaner
Will not degrade composite molds or mandels

Breaks down coatings quickly

Reduces cleaning time

Water deactivated

Citrus-Based Cleaner for Polyurethanes, Resins, and Composite Adhesives

High-strength, citrus-based cleaner designed to remove semi-permanent release coatings and material buildup during polyurethane molding and composites manufacturing.

Citrus-based Industrial Cleaner
Replacement for toxic methylene chloride cleaners

Low volatility with long active time

Powerful solubilizer

No re-adhesion

Solvent Cleaner for PU Foams, Resin and Adhesives

Solvent-based cleaner designed to remove rigid and flexible polyurethane foams from metal and composite surfaces. Will also remove PU binders used in recycled rubber and engineered wood operations.

Solvent Cleaner for PU Foams, Resin and Adhesives Icon
Will remove PU insulation foam from spray-gun parts

Low volatility with long active time

Powerful solubilizer

No re-adhesion

McLube Water-based Cleaner

General-purpose, water-based alkaline alternative to traditional solvent-based cleaners. Will effectively remove rubber, plastic, and polyurethane residue from most metallic or non-metallic surfaces.

McLube Water-based Industrial Cleaner
Operator-friendly and biodegradable

Reduces cleaning time

No foul cleaning odors

Contact McLube for more information about a specific McLube Cleaner, pricing, and safety data sheets.