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McLube Mandrel Lubricants are liquid emulsions that dry quickly, forming a durable, bonded coating on the mandrel surface with extreme heat and pressure tolerances. We offer a full line of mandrel lubricants with varying attributes to suit the individual needs of the manufacturer rather than recommending a generalized product. McLube offers mandrel lubricants for hoses used in the automotive, hydraulic, industrial, aerospace, medical, and food industry. McLube’s Mandrel Lubricants will allow for easier pushes and pulls, lower blow-off pressure, and easy cleaning of mandrels post-operation. Our Mandrel Lubricants will not interfere with vulcanization or other curing steps and do not cause pin-holes or pitting on the hose surface. Some rubber compounds are microscopically abrasive and release corrosive substances during curing steps. Durable McLube coatings will protect your mandrels from harmful compounds as well as prevent oxidization (rust) during downtime.

For Rigid and Flexible Mandrels

McLube has perfected rigid and flexible mandrel lubricants over the last fifty years to continually offer improved mandrel ejection for rubber, nylon, and polypropylene tubes. Our lubricants will reliably prevent adhesion of the tube to the mandrel and will not cause pinholes or pitting. While our products tenaciously bond to all types of mandrel surfaces, they are easily cleaned off post-operation and never transfer to the tube.  We offer water-based options for customers concerned about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvent-based lubricants for processes requiring instant-dry coatings. Our formulation chemists have worked for years to offer rigid and flexible mandrel lubricants with excellent heat and pressure tolerances to ensure continued lubricity despite harsh curing steps. Our lubricants will also help reduce blow-off pressure during ejection.

For Bent / Formed Mandrels

McLube lubricants for formed mandrels contain proprietary additives for enhanced slip characteristics and durability to aid pushing tubes onto the mandrel and ensure the coatings last long enough to also facilitate ejection. We offer water-based products for bent mandrel operations with medium- to high-viscosity that will bond to the mandrel surface to prevent migration but can also be easily cleaned from the mandrel post-operation. Our products are thermally stable to 500°F or higher and will not interfere with vulcanization or cause spotting.


  • Ideal products for dipping applications

McLube has formulated Mandrel Sealers for particularly porous mandrel substrates and tenacious materials. The added benefits of our mandrel sealers include:


  • Enhanced release characteristics
  • Effective sealing of microporosities
  • Improved durability of the coating system
  • Protection for tooling in storage


Hose manufacturers benefit from the extra release characteristics of mandrel sealers on new, unconditioned molds and older mandrels with microscopic damage due to prolonged use. Contact McLube and speak with one of our experienced hose manufacturing specialists to see if mandrel sealers are right for your operation.

McLube lubricants are tailor-made for specific materials to provide the best lubricating characteristics possible. We currently offer products for:


  • All natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Polypropylenes (LLDPE, LDPE)
  • Nylon and other plastics
  • PTFE (Teflon®)


Flexible: nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber

Rigid, bent/formed: steel, aluminum, stainless steal



Don’t see your mandrel type? Contact McLube for product compatibility and custom formulations.


1-G, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote


Ideal for brushing, spraying, or wipe-on applications

Contact McLube for tailored application instructions and cost-saving process assistance.

Contact McLube for specific product information, pricing, and safety data sheets.