Pan-Cure Anti-Stick Coatings for Hoses and Tubes

McLube Pan-Cure Anti-Stick Coatings


McLube has manufactured release agents and anti-stick materials for over sixty years. We offer multiple pan-cure coatings with varying attributes to satisfy the diverse needs of hose manufacturers around the world. Our water-based pan-cure coatings are suitable for direct-steam autoclave processes used to cure high-pressure hoses for industrial, hydraulic, and automotive applications. Our formulas are optimized for superior wetting of tube and hose surfaces to ensure our customers enjoy superior anti-sticking characteristics for every batch. Wetting refers to a liquid’s ability to spread out and adhere to a given surface, the most crucial quality of any anti-stick coating. Explore below to learn more about McLube Solutions for pan-cure operations.



Benefits of McLube Pan-cure Coatings

  • Dry, colorless coatings
  • Low coefficient of friction for superior release characteristics
  • Effective for extended periods of time under high-temperature/pressure
  • Chemically inert, will not interfere with hose curing
  • Reduced transfer and buildup on pans and equipment

Durability and Appearance


McLube Pan-Cure Coatings are thermally stable to 500°F or higher and endure extreme autoclave pressures without losing effectiveness. Our products will protect pans from harmful rubber compounds and repel dirt, grime, and moisture to extend the effective lifespan of your equipment.


McLube pan-cure coatings are non-staining and will help to prevent imperfections in tubes and hoses that are aesthetically or structurally undesirable.

Varying levels of sedimentation and viscosity are available for recirculating operations where process managers must cater coatings to dip/holding tank circulation requirements. McLube also offers pan-cure coatings for wet-tube operations where process requirements do not allow for complete drying of the release coating before curing.

Some rubber compounds are microscopically abrasive and release corrosive substances during curing steps. Durable McLube coatings will protect your pans from harmful compounds as well as prevent oxidization (rust) during downtime.

All natural and synthetic rubber compounds


PTFE (Teflon®)

Call McLube if your material is not listed and speak with an industry professional about product compatibility and custom formulations.

We want our products to fit seamlessly into your existing operations. McLube Pan-cure coatings are suitable for a variety of application methods, including:

  • Flow coating
  • Dip baths
  • Wiping

1-G, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote

Contact McLube for specific pan-cure coating information, pricing, and safety data sheets.