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McLube offers a full line of water-based pan-cure anti-stick coatings for hoses and tubes. Our pan-cure coatings are suitable for use on all natural and synthetic rubber hose materials and possess the durability to withstand harsh curing conditions. McLube pan-cure release coatings are chemically inert and will not affect the rubber cure process. Proprietary McLube surfactant technology ensures proper “wetting” of the hot or ambient temperature hose to ensure our customers enjoy superior anti-stick characteristics for every batch. Our water-based anti-stick emulsions and solutions are VOC-free, operator friendly, and easily diluted in-house for additional cost savings. McLube pan-cure coatings do not contain any waxes, stearates, or silicone oils that interfere with post-finishing operations.  Explore below to learn more about McLube Solutions for pan-cure operations.

Pan-cure Anti-stick Coatings

Benefits of McLube

Pan-cure Release

Low coefficient of friction for superior release characteristics

Chemically inert, will not interfere with curing reactions

Reduced transfer and buildup on pans

Non-staining and non-oily

More options with McLube

McLube products are tailored to specific materials and processes. We offer products with varying levels of sedimentation and viscosity for recirculating operations where process managers must cater coatings to dip/holding tank circulation requirements. McLube also offers pan-cure coatings for wet-tube operations where process requirements do not allow for complete drying of the release coating before curing. McLube’s consummate line of pan-cure release coatings also includes non-foaming and non-settling options. Contact McLube Today and one of our experienced Technical Representatives will help you select the ideal release for your pan-cure process as well as provide tailored application instructions and other cost-saving process assistance.

McLube Protection

Some rubber compounds are microscopically abrasive and release corrosive substances during curing steps. Durable McLube coatings will protect your pans from harmful compounds as well as prevent oxidization (rust) during downtime.

Supported Hose Materials

All natural and synthetic rubber compounds (EPDM, HNBR, Nitriles, Neoprene, CPE, CSM, ECO, and more)


US, South, & Central America: 1G, 5G, 55G, 275G


Europe & Asia: 1L, 5L, 20L Pail, 200L Drum, 220L

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