Release Coatings For Cure Wrapping Tape

Release Coatings for Cure Wrapping Tape



Cure wrapping tapes are smooth, reusable lengths of nylon or polyester used during rigid mandrel operations to facilitate curing steps. Hoses are wrapped with curing tape prior to entering an autoclave for vulcanization. Heat and pressure inside the autoclave cause the stretched cure tape to shrink around the hose and compress the layers of hose material underneath. Compression expels air from the layers of wrapped material and improves overall structural integrity of the hose. Release coatings are applied on the tape to facilitate their removal after curing is complete.  McLube offers cure tape release agents with varying attributes to suit individual needs. We suggest products that fit into your existing process rather than try to tell you how to do your work. Explore below for information about McLube Solutions for cure tape operations.



Benefits of our Cure Tape Coatings


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McLube Cure Tape Release Coatings are water-based emulsions that form a durable but flexible coating to facilitate tape removal from finished hoses. Our flexible coatings are unaffected by stretch, shrink, and compression and thermally stable to 500°F or higher. McLube products are chemically inert and will not interfere with vulcanization or otherwise chemically react with the hose materials. While our coatings are extremely durable, they can be easily cleaned from tapes and will not buildup on the hose. McLube release coatings are also non-staining for customers manufacturing colored hoses and belts. Effective dilutions of our tape coatings have been achieved, but the ability to dilute our coatings will vary by factory conditions and materials used.

Adhesive Strength Factor

Hose manufactures must achieve specific shrink rates and pressure to optimize the adhesive strength factor between the rubber and reinforcing materials of their hose. Our products are designed to endure extreme shrink pressures so as not to adversely affect the optimal adhesive strength factor of your operation.



Some hose manufacturing materials are microscopically abrasive and release harmful compounds during curing steps. These production factors coupled with normal wear and tear will degrade cure tapes over time, causing poor surface finish and ineffective hose compression. McLube’s durable coatings will protect against mechanical and chemical degradation to extend the lifespan of cure tape.

  • Tailored to specific materials for superior release characteristics
  • Ideal for dipping, spraying, rolling, and flow coating
  • Environmentally conscious, VOC-free
  • Non-oily and will not migrate
  • Cost-effective
  • Dilutable

Vulcanization of high pressure hoses, hydraulic hoses, automotive hoses, silicone hoses, flexible joints, and expansion joints.

Nylon and polyester, including standard and soft-edge varieties

1-G, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote

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