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Lubricants are compounds that reduce friction between any two substrates (surfaces). Effective lubrication will reduce wear, optimize energy consumption, allow freedom of movement, and reduce noise as related to motion or vibration. Most would associate lubrication with oily or gelatinous coatings but this is not always the case. Oil-based lubricants and grease are vital industrial aids but not ideally suited for all applications due to their cumbersome nature and tendency to attract grime. McLube Dry film Lubricants are durable, non-fouling alternatives to oil-based dispersions that repel grime while offering the enhanced slip characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). McLube supplies dry lubrication technology to industries around the world and offers a separate line of sailing and boating lubricants based on proven industrial formulas. We offer water and solvent-based lubricants with varying attributes to suit individual needs. Explore below for more information or contact McLube for process assistance and free samples.

Selecting the appropriate lubricant: PTFE or MoS2-based?

McLube PTFE-based Dry film Lubricants


McLube’s PTFE-based Lubricants are proven to reduce power output, prevent part seizure, and protect equipment from dust, rust, and wear. PTFE-based lubricants are exceedingly durable, long-lasting, and dry clean to reduce residue and fouling on the applied surface. We offer high-quality products for general lubrication as well as specialized food-grade options, non-settling colloidal dispersions, anti-chirp/squeak coatings, and products for coupling and swaging.

Benefits of McLube PTFE-based Lubricants

  •      Ideal general-purpose lubricants
  •      Unparalleled slip characteristics
  •      Colorless, non-staining
  •      Durable and flexible, suitable for joints and moving parts
  •      Chemically inert, will not corrode substrates
  •      Suitable for cryogenic and low temperature applications
  •      Heat tolerant to 550°F

Special Purpose PTFE Lubricants

Excellent lubricants with a low coefficient of friction that do not require agitation (mixing) before use and do not settle out over time.

Stop chirping and squeaking due to friction between moving parts. These PTFE Lubricants meet OEM performance standards for automotive and aerospace applications.

McLube Coupling and Swaging Lubricants may be used on stainless steel, titanium, brass, bronze, and aluminum fittings. They will furnish a durable, dry, colorless lubricating film that will bond to the coupling but not migrate. 


  • Improved coupling retention
  • Colorless, chemically inert
  • excellent for swaging and crimping

Molybdenum Disulfide-based Dry Film Lubricants


MoS2-based Dry Lubricants are ideally suited for extreme temperature and pressure applications. McLube MoS2-based Dry Lubricants are pressure tolerant to 250,000 PSI and thermally stable to around 760°F (404.44°C). MoS2 dry lubricants will provide excellent slip characteristics for rubber-metal, polyurethane-metal, metal-metal, and metal-composite interactions. We also offer MoS2 lubricants suitable for cold and hammer forging operations.  Molybdenum disulfide is similar to graphite in appearance and will slightly change the color of the surfaces on which it is applied. Rubber manufacturers report McLube MoS2 Lubricants do not adversely affect the appearance of darker rubbers.

Ideal for high pressure applications like anchor bolts, threaded joints, gears, fasteners, acme screws, and hydraulics

Forms a durable, flexible coating suitable for joints, cables, and moving parts

Burnishes into microporosities for long-lasting lubrication

Chemically inert, will not degrade substrates

Prevents galling of metal parts and tooling

Selecting the appropriate lubricant: Water or Solvent-based?

Solvent-based Dry Film Lubricants

McLube’s Solvent-based Lubricants have excellent wetting properties and adhere well to any surface. Wetting refers to a coating’s ability to spread uniformly over a given surface. McLube offers solvent-based lubricants capable of heat-curing to surfaces for enhanced, long-term durability. Our Solvent-based Dry Lubricants will not degrade material surfaces and contain rust-inhibiting additives to extend the life of metal parts and tools.

Suitable for cold storage and applications where water-based lubricants will freeze

Ready-to-use aerosols or bulk product available

PTFE and/or Moly-based options

Dry instantly

    Water-based Dry Film Lubricants

McLube’s Water-based Dry Lubricants are non-toxic when used properly and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our water-based lubricants are formulated for enhanced wetting of any surface and spread evenly for consistent lubrication. McLube Water-based products will not cause part swelling or degradation of the substrate over time.

The Environmentally Conscious Option

Dry in ten minutes or less when applied as directed

Environmentally conscious and operator friendly

Will not require ventilation or special equipment

Ready-to-use aerosols available

PTFE or Moly-based options

Contact us for information about a specific McLube Dry-film Lubricant, pricing, and safety data sheets.