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McLube has manufactured greases for over sixty years and currently offers a diverse line of NLGI #2 greases with varying attributes to suit individual needs. We offer specialized greases for specific industrial manufacturing operations as well as lubricant greases for general-purpose application. McLube Moly Grease is fortified with molybdenum disulfide or boron nitrate for enhanced secondary lubrication and extreme pressure and temperature tolerances. We provide environmentally-conscious greases that do not contain heavy metals or other harmful additives like phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, phenols, antimony, barium or lead. Our Moly greases are proven to reduce wear and prevent the galling of parts, threads and gears for metal-metal and metal-composite interactions.


McLube Technical Representatives will recommend one of our cost-effective greases based on temperature, pressure and degree of movement at the application site. Applications with a high degree of movement will require Moly Grease with the highest concentrations of lubricating additives like molybdenum disulfide to ensure long-lasting wear prevention. Explore below for more information about McLube Greases or contact us for technical assistance.

Benefits of McLube


Molybdenum Disulfide



Flexible for joints and moving parts

Suitable for use on high-pressure threading, seals, and gaskets

Ideal for hard to reach areas and machinery

Pressure tolerance up to 250,000 PSI

Reduced wear and galling in extreme conditions

Long-lasting, durable

Prevent rust and corrosion, even during storage

Excellent surface penetration

General MoS2 Grease Applications    

-40 to 760°F  (-4 to 405°C)

McLube’s general-purpose greases are lithium-based NLGI #2 lubricants fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) enhances the slip characteristics of the base grease and improves the temperature and pressure tolerances of the lubricating formula. Greases are applied to prevent seizure and wearing, but movement will inevitably cause the grease to migrate from the application site and become ineffective. MoS2-fortified greases will last longer than conventional alternatives because of the secondary lubricating qualities of the MoS2 additives. MoS2 will remain at the application site after the base grease has been worked out and continue to provide excellent lubricating qualities. Reducing the need for reapplication makes these greases ideal for applications involving a high degree of movement or for hard-to-reach areas where reapplication slows down operations. Our general-purpose greases will remain effective under pressures as high as 250,000 PSI and temperatures in excess of 760°F (404.44°C). McLube Technical Representatives will recommend one of our greases based on temperature and degree of movement at the application site.

High-temperature Grease Applications 

760 to 1,100°F  (405 to 594°C)

McLube Greases for high-temperature applications are NLGI #2 lithium-based lubricants fortified with the highest concentrations of molybdenum disulfideMcLube also offers high-temperature greases with boron nitride and graphite additivesBoron nitride additives will enhance the chemical and thermal resistance of the base grease for use in extreme environments like metal forging and ceramics manufacturing. Boron nitride’s chemical resistance allows for excellent slip characteristics on even the most corrosive and chemically abrasive compounds. McLube also offers customized graphite-fortified greases for enhanced thermal resistance. McLube high-temperature greases are ideal for metal forging lubrication as well as high-pressure threading and seals.

Fracking Grease 

McLube moly greases are ideal for fracking and drilling applications due to their high temperature and pressure tolerance and low coefficient of friction. McLube offers a consummate line of greases for the oil and gas industry suitable for a variety of applications, including:


  • Frack values and mud pumps
  • Torque converters & transmissions
  • Hydraulic systems, gearboxes, top drive units
  • Crown sheaves, block bearings, and U-joints
  • Wire ropes on draw-works
  • Swivels, winches, gears, and chains
  • Rotary tables

Benefits for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Seal out moisture, dirt, grime, and contaminants
  • Extended re-greasing intervals
  • Replace fewer bearings
  • Protection from wear
  • Complete water-oil separation
  • Longer seal life
  • Prevent foaming and sludge buildup


Contact McLube for more information about our drilling and fracking greases for the oil and gas industry.

McLube Drilling and Fracking Greases