Release Agents

Mold Release Agents

McLube offers cost-effective, semi-permanent release agents for all natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics, polyurethanes, and composite materials. McLube Coatings are tailor-made for specific materials, processes and applications to ensure superior results for every cycle. Our release agents are guaranteed to provide multiple releases per application when used as directed. We offer water and solvent-based release coatings that will not transfer to the part and contain proprietary ingredients to protect molds and tooling from rust and corrosion. McLube Technical Representatives around the world have the industry-related knowledge and expertise required to solve even your most complex production concerns. If one of our existing products does not meet your needs, we may offer to create a custom formulation catered to your unique specifications. Select your material to learn more about what McLube can offer your operation or contact us today for process assistance and free samples of our proven mold release agents.

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Release Agents for Plastic Molding

Plastic (thermoset, thermoplastic & biodegradable)

Dry, non-oily, water and solvent-based release agents for plastic that will not transfer. Aerosols and food-grade options available.

Rubber Release Agents

Natural and Synthetic Rubber

Semi-permanent, non-transferring coatings with superior release characteristics that will protect molds and tooling from rust and corrosion.

Polyurethane Release Agents

Urethane & Polyurethane

Reduced buildup on molds, tools and polyurethane foam guns; superior surface finish for all urethane/polyurethane molded parts.

Synthetic Composites Release Agents

Synthetic Composites

Cost-effective release agents that reduce rejection rates, improve surface finish, and extend the lifespan of molds and tooling.

Engineered Wood Release Agents

Engineered Wood Composites

Water-based, non-staining release agents and platen sealers that will effectively release pMDIs and other resin/polymeric adhesives.

Engineered stone release agents

Engineered Stone, Asphalt, & Concrete

Dilutable, water-based release coatings for all engineered stone products with superior durability and release characteristics.

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