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McGee Industries has manufactured rubber release agents and anti-tack coatings for over fifty years. Our consummate line of mold release agents for natural and synthetic rubbers will protect mold surfaces from harmful compounds, dramatically reduce substrate microporosity, and stand up to the most abrasive rubbers for long-lasting release. We offer cost-effective, water and solvent-based release agents to include semi-permanent and sacrificial coatings. McLube’s line of rubber mold release also includes release systems for new tire and tire retreading operations. Explore below for more information or contact us today for specific product details.

Rubber Mold Release Agents

Benefits of McLube


Mold Release Agents


for Rubber Compounds

Self-repairing coatings for effective release of abrasive compounds like FKM

Extra slip for deep draws, undercuts, and small sprue openings

Environmentally Conscious, operator safe, no foul odors

Minimal buildup on molds and tooling

Non-oily, non-transferring

Extend the lifespan of molds and tooling

No pinholing and enhanced flow characteristics

Prevent rust and corrosion, even during storage

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Technical Service, February 2018

by Bob Edelmayer, Senior McLube Technical Representative

Rubber World Feb. 2018

Supported Materials

EPDM, FKM and other fluoroelastomers, Silicone, Nitrile, BUNA, natural rubber, HNBR, Butyl, polychloroprene, SBR, Neoprene and peroxide-cured rubbers, ECO, CPE

Release Agents by Type

Supported Processes

Rubber to metal bonding, Injection molding (hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical), extrusion, compression molding, transfer molding, and new tire molding

Application Methods and Availability

US, Canada, South and Central America: 1G, 5G Pail, 55G Drum, 275G Tote and aerosols

Europe: 5L, 20L, 200L, 220L and aerosols

Asia, Middle East, Africa: 1L, 5L, 20L, 50L, 200L and aerosols


McLube rubber mold release is suitable for brushing, dipping, spraying, and wipe-on applications. Consult a McLube Technical Representative for tailored application instructions and cost-saving process assistance.

Contact us for specific product information, safety data, and free samples.

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