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McLube offers conventional and semi-permanent silicone-free mold release agents for rubber, plastic, polyurethane, and composite materials. Our line of silicone-free release agents includes water and solvent-based emulsions of PTFE, fluoropolymers, or crosslinking resins. Silicone-based release agents transfer an oily film to molded parts which requires extra cleaning steps to remove before post-finishing operations like bonding (gluing) and painting are possible. If your process calls for post-finishing steps affected by silicone oils, then consider switching to a McLube silicone-free mold release agent to remove unnecessary cleaning steps and the risk of silicone migration. Contact McLube to learn more about our line of non-silicone release agents and a McLube Technical Representative will help you select the best mold release for your application.

Benefits of McLube




Mold Release Agents

Excellent release characteristics catered to your process

Eliminate worry over silicone migration and contamination

Will not interfere with post-molding steps

Non-oily, reduced buildup

Supported Materials

McLube’s consummate line of silicone-free mold release agents supports a wide variety of materials. We offer silicone-free mold release agents for all natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics, urethanes, and synthetic composite materials. We also offer non-silicone release agents for engineered wood products and asphalt, stone, and concrete form. Due to silicone’s tendency to stick to itself, non-silicone mold release agents are the ideal choice for any materials that contain silicone, such as silicone rubbers used to make gaskets and medical parts. Contact us and an experienced McLube Technical Representative will help you select the best release agent for your material.

Applications: is silicone-free right for you? 

Silicone-free mold release agents are ideal for molding operations with post-finishing steps where silicone oil transfer prevents adhesion of glues and paint. Some manufacturers still use silicone-based mold release agents and add an extra cleaning step to remove the oily silicone film. Extra steps are time consuming, expensive, and silicone oils can prove difficult to remove entirely, impacting the quality of finished products. Silicone-free release agents may allow you to remove those extra cleaning steps from your process and no longer worry about silicone oils shutting down your paint shop. For those manufacturers without post-finishing worries, McLube offers a full line of silicone-based mold release with enhanced slip and flow characteristics. McLube’s Technical Representatives have the industry-related knowledge and experience to help manufacturers choose the release agent that will streamline operations and eliminate unnecessary cleaning steps. Contact us today for invaluable process assistance and free samples of our proven formulas.


US, Canada, South and Central America: 1G, 5G Pail, 55G Drum, 275G Tote

Europe: 5L, 20L, 200L, 220L

Asia, Middle East, Africa: 1L, 5L, 20L, 50L, 200L

Aerosols – 6oz., 10oz., 12oz., 16oz.

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