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Our water-based mold release agents have been perfected over the last thirty years to include a full line of conventional (sacrificial) and semi-permanent release coatings for all molded compounds. Our water-based mold release agents are safer for the operator, better for the environment, and generally cheaper than solvent-based alternatives. McLube’s full line of water-based mold release agents contain proprietary emulsifiers and anti-rust additives to ensure that our formulas maintain excellent release characteristics while also preventing rust on tooling and mold surfaces.  McLube’s water-based PTFEsilicone, and silicone-free release agents are easy to dilute in-house or available ready-to-use upon delivery. Contact McLube to learn more about our line of water-based mold release agents or to request a free sample.

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Benefits of McLube




Mold Release Agents

Excellent slip and reliable release characteristics

Environmentally Conscious

Operator safe, no foul odors

Minimal buildup on molds and tooling

Low transfer

Clean, non-oily


Supported Materials

McLube Release Agents are tailored to specific materials and processes to achieve truly superior results. We offer water-based mold release for all natural and synthetic rubber, plastic, polyurethanes, and composite materials. McLube also offers water-based mold release and platen sealers for engineered wood products as well as concrete form, asphalt, and engineered stone release systems.

Excellent Release Characteristics

Early attempts to replace solvent-based formulas were not particularly effective and resulted in the industry stigma towards water-based release coatings that still exists today. The first water-based release coatings were known to cause knit lines, buildup on mold surfaces, rust, and result in poorer quality surface finish. Improper or insufficient surfactants and emulsifiers were to blame for the initial failure of water-based releasants. McLube Formulation Chemists were among the first in the industry to perfect the use of emulsifiers to correct the deficiencies of early water-based coatings and make the new environmentally conscious options viable for production. Today, McLube Water-based Mold Release Agents contain proprietary blends of emulsifiers, surfactants, and rust inhibitors that ensure excellent release characteristics, superior surface finish, and rust prevention. McLube offers dozens of water-based release agents with varying capabilities and attributes to suit individual need. Contact us and one of our experienced technical representatives will help you select the ideal water-based mold release agent for your operation.

Environmentally-friendly and Safer for Operators

Restricted use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and increased awareness of operator safety spurred the development of water-based mold release agents in the 1990’s. McLube’s water-based mold release agents dramatically reduce plant safety concerns associated with flammable solvents and harmful gas emissions as well as meet most or all environmental regulations in the Unites States and abroad. Contact us for safety data sheets.

Application and Availability

McLube offers bulk and aerosolized water-based mold release agents ideal for most molding operations. Our water-based release coatings are used to mold numerous polymers, concrete, composite parts, and polyurethane car interiors. McLube water-based release agents typically dry within minutes at room temperature or instantly on hot mold surfaces. Consider a solvent-based release agent for cold molding operations that do not allow time for air-curing/drying. We offer water-based formulas for a variety of surface finishes, including:


  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Glossy


McLube may offer to develop a custom formulation for new, innovative materials or unique surface finishes at no additional cost. Contact us today and our team of formulation chemists and technical representatives will work with you to find the best release agent for your application.

Contact us for specific product information, safety data, and free samples.

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