Tire Manufacturing Products

Tire Manufacturing Products

McGee Industries offers consummate release systems for new tire production as well as cost-effective coatings for tire retreading operations. Our tire release systems provide customers with higher-quality finished tires at dramatically reduced costs when compared other leading release brands. McLube products are currently used to produce agro and mining tires, run-flats, passenger tires, and high-performance tires. McLube Release Agents are available in bulk or convenient aerosol cans. Aerosolized Release Agents are ideal for laboratory settings as well as targeted applications to deep draws and complex tread patterns. Explore below for more information about McLube Release Systems fore tire manufacturing or contact us for process assistance and free samples.


Release Systems for New Tire Operations


McLube Tire Mold Release Agents


McLube has manufactured rubber release agents and anti-tack coatings for over fifty years. We understand the unique challenges rubber compounds present for manufacturers and continually perfect our formulations to make life easier for the rubber industry.


McLube Tire Releases allow for multiple releases per application with even the most complex tread patterns and improve rubber flow characteristics for a better finished tire.  Our coatings will effectively wet your mold with a bonded coating that repels factory grime and airborne particles. McLube Coatings will not cause fouling or buildup on the mold surface, reducing the frequency and duration of cleaning steps. We currently offer cost-effective, semi-permanent release agents for bias tire molding that are dilutable and enhance cosmetic appearance. McLube also offers semi-permanent radial tire mold releases for PCR, TBR, OTR and agricultural tires, including product options for segmented molding operations.


Rubber compounds are microscopically abrasive and may release harmful compounds during production. Our durable release coatings will protect mold surfaces and tooling from all rubber compounds to extend the lifespan of your costly equipment.

Benefits of our Tire Release Agents

  • Dilutions as high as 15:1
  • Proven cost-effective
  • Ideal for intricate tread patterns
  • Facilitate air-bleeding and material flow
  • Will not interfere with curing steps, chemically inert
  • Environmentally-conscious and operator friendly

Outside Tire Paints

McLube Outside Tire Paints enhance tire aesthetics, improve material flow characteristics, and facilitate air-bleeding. Our outside tire paints are chemically inert and will not interfere with vulcanization.

  • Compliment tire mold release
  • Ideal for wiping, dipping, or spray application
  • Silicone-free options available

Inside Tire Paints

McLube Inside Tire Paints have a high degree of slip to aid bladder positioning, centering, and air-flow. Our interior paints will facilitate easy release from the bladder and promote greater tire uniformity. We offer water-based, mica-free or filled inside tire paints with varying attributes and capabilities to suit individual needs. Mica-free (unfilled) tire paints provide a smoother surface finish ideal for radial tire operations. McLube Mica-based (filled) Tire Paints are ideal for use on bias tires. Our inside tire paints may be sprayed, wiped, or brushed onto the tire and will not flake post-cure.

McLube Bladder Coatings

McLube Bladder Coatings are easy to apply and offer enhanced release characteristics for all tire materials. Our bladder coatings contain proprietary additives that improve coating flexibility and ensure multiple releases per application with or without the use of interior paints.

  • Offer enhanced surface finish
  • Extended bladder lifespan
  • Silicone-free options available

Release Coatings for Tire Retreading Operations


McLube offers cost-effective release agents for tire curing envelopes that form a flexible yet durable coating with superior wetting characteristics. Our Curing Envelope Releases offer the enhanced slip characteristics crucial to operations with intricate tread patterns. Contact McLube for more information about our tire retreading products or details about custom formulations for tire manufacturers.



Contact McLube for specific product information, pricing, and safety data sheets.