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Respectful, responsive, efficient, innovative; McLube strives to empower its employees and customers so they may help shape the future. Our goal is their solution.

McGee Industries, more commonly referred to by its brand name, McLube, has established this quality policy to be consistent with the purpose and context of our organization. It represents a framework for setting and reviewing objectives, our commitment to satisfy applicable regulatory and legislative requirements, and improving our management system.


Customer focus: McGee Industries is committed to building strong relationships with all customers, large and small. Quality service and unparalleled technical assistance are the hallmarks of our business model and of equal relevance to the performance of our proven release agents and lubricants.


Leadership: We depart from the traditional corporate hierarchy in favor of a more decentralized leadership structure that empowers all employees and allows leaders to emerge organically from our facilities around the world.


Engagement of people: We believe that employee engagement is a byproduct of respect for and loyalty to the organization. We aim to earn the respect and loyalty of our employees by showing respect and loyalty in return, creating a welcoming work environment, and taking immaculate care of our employees around the world.


Process approach: Our approach to management introduces productive control over our decentralized leadership philosophy. We believe that all the processes and turning gears of our company must be interconnected. Compartmentalization prevents effective sharing of resources; McGee Industries strives to promote cooperation, communication, and a unified, interconnected effort across our global operations.


Improvement: Decentralized leadership allows our engaged employees to explore improvements at every level. The nature of our industry demands constant innovation and our management team continually drives interconnected processes within our organization toward advancement. McGee industries constantly develops new formulations to meet the needs of the future, improves safety, and streamlines operations.


Evidence-based decision making: This organization is built on our ability to analyze complex production concerns and find a timely, cost-effective solution. Every employee does their due diligence using our quality management system (QMS) and support from our globally interconnected team.


Relationship management: McGee Industries enters every business relationship with the goal of mutual benefit and satisfaction.


Our quality policy includes the reasonable requirements of other interested parties and our social, environmental, charitable, regulatory and legislative responsibilities. This policy is available/communicated to all interested parties.


This revised quality policy was adopted on September 15th, 2017 and continues to reflect the business philosophies on which McGee Industries, Inc. was founded.