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Team McLube is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance dry lubricants (SAILKOTE) and low-friction hull coatings for professional sailors, Olympians, and boating enthusiasts alike. We provide reliable dry lubricants for everything that slides and environmentally-conscious hull coatings with unparalleled anti-friction characteristics. Our OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner is the only product Harken® recommends for everything that rolls. Team McLube partnered with Harken® in 1998 to provide top-quality coatings and polishes to sailors around the world.





Dry-film lubricant that repels water, dirt, salt, and contaminants. Ideal for siding hatches, sail tracks, sails, battens, telltales, slider cars, mildew prevention, and more. Available in convenient, ready-to-use aerosol cans or bulk.


The preferred environmentally-friendly and biodegradable hull coating that will clean, polish, and protect. Suitable for use on fiberglass, metal, Plexiglas, and painted surfaces.


Will help prevent below-the-waterline marine growth and slime from adhering for weeks before reapplication. Apply to hulls, outdrives, and propellers.


Provides superior lubrication on ball bearing traveler cars and battcars while repelling salt, grime, and moisture.

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